Your terms and conditions of use

MOBILEHELPSHOP’s on line shops, are organized by WiLLBee Company, which is the developer of these websites. Any order within one of MOBILEHELPSHOP’s on line shop supposes the preliminary consultation of the present general conditions. Consequently, the consumer recognizes to be perfectly informed about the fact that his agreement concerning the contents of the present terms  does not require the handwritten signature of this document, as far as the customer wishes to order on-line products presented within the framework of the Web site shop.

Products availability

The order will be prepared no later than 72 hours from the date of order. In case the order’s product turns out of stock, more particularly because of the supplier, the customer will be informed immediatly and will have the opportunity to cancel his order. The customer will have the choice to ask for a total refund in 7 days or an exchange in case of a stock shortage.

Shipping terms

The orders are shipped at the shipping address, given by the customer. The customer has to check the parcel state before opening it and inform MOBILEHELPSHOP about any damage caused by transport no later than 7 days after the delivery. The customer can ask for a bill, that will be sent to the billing address by validating this option on the order form. As regards shipping, we essentially work with Lettre Max for domestic orders.

Shipping issues because of the carrier

Any anomaly concerning the delivery (missing item according to the order form, broken parcel or products...) must be immediately noticed by e-mail.

Delivery mistakes

The customer must inform MOBILEHELPSHOP by e-mail on the delivery day or no later than the first business day following the delivery about any complaint. All complaint expressed later than the first business day after the delivery will be rejected.


MOBILEHELPSHOP takes very seriously the customers’ privacy.  Data gathering, processing and using result from the the customer authorization, from a legal authorization or from an obligation. In case anonymous data and pseudonyms are enough in a commercial intent, only these will give rise to an appeal.

Data gathering

Are gathered :

- All the data supplied by the customer from one of the Master Case’s websites’ form (for example during the identification, an order, subscription to one of our service...)

- Data the customer accepts to communicate in our request to participate to advertising campain organized by MOBILEHELPSHOP, to statistical survey or when informing us about a problem on the websites. If you contact us we reserve the right to keep a record of this message for a reasonable period.

- Data relative to the transactions made on the websites after ordering.

- Details about your visit on our websites, including, and without limitation, the traffic datas, your IP address, your computer host name, informations about your browser and the domain name of the website by the way you have been redicted on ours.

Data using

We use data that we keep this way :

-  To respond to obligations established by contracts between you (ex : buying a case) and services you ask to us (ex : newsletter subscribing).

-  To propose to users an accessible and pleasant-looking Website.

-  To provide you the informations you ask about products and services which can, according to us, interest you.

-  To enable you participating to interactive activities (as possibility to to communicate on blogs or forums, post comments or participate to contests) from our services.

-  To prevent you about changes in our service habits.

-  If necessary we will communicate only statistical or demographic data  that will not allow our marketing parteners, publicists or others to find about your personal informations. In this context, the datas will only serve to deduct the number of persons who buied one item or how many subscribers we have.

Data Diffusion

We do not communicate any of your personal data (name, postal address, e-mail address, etc...) without your approval.

We reserve the right to transfer your personal data to other societies related to us contractually and to enforce a contract you are concerned about as long as they ensure you a complete respect of your privacy.