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With the developments of handheld devices, many peripheral devices are invented.
But the harms these devices do to our body still remains as a big problem to solve.
Our goal is to help our customers with our body friendly products to suggest a solution to the syndromes as Turtle Neck Syndrome and Tunnel Syndromes.

In the current markets, we see cases, protection films, battery supplies, stands, speakers and etc,
these are just basic accessories and protection for your handheld devices.
But our products are accessories which is designed for our body, making our mobile life much more enjoyable and convinient.
We are always looking at the benefits that these devices do to our body.
This is our number one concern in designing our products.
It has to be body friendly and convinient.

Our concept for designing these accessories are not 'Mobile  Accessories' but 'Mobile Helpers', a newly created category.
Now certified as a venture and also collaborating with YeonSe University in Korea.
We are making a product per month and also looking forward linking to application services.


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E-mail : helper@mobilehelpshop.com